These two baby hummingbirds are the latest batch of hummingbirds that has hatched ...

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... on our back porch. We captured this image of them this morning. Looks like they are getting closer to leaving the nest. This is the 11 th year straight this nest has been used by hummingbirds. They just add onto the nest every year. You can see the white part on the upper lip of the nest. That’s the new addition to the nest this year. The nest itself is attached to an s hook for wind chimes that hang from the hook. We love them and feel blessed they come back every year to nest!!! Lots of honeysuckle and other flowers in our food forest for them to nourish themselves. Thanks for tuning in today Appics community and Steem Blockchain. We appreciate all of you!!! -Jake and the Raw Utah family


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Beautiful and adorable hummingbird. Apparently there are many types of hummingbirds too, huh? That is cool!

Have a nice and beautiful day always, my brother.

Aloha!! 🙏

  ·  last month (edited)

yes there are many types of hummingbird indeed sister. we feel so blessed to watch them return year after year. have a beautiful day always...dear sister! :) aloha!!!

Hello Jake, how are u doing? Wow ... really beautiful birds. I really like this little creature. Have a nice day, brother.

they are some of my favorite creatures too! we are well today and send you warm greetings today! hope you're well also. have a beautiful day sister!

Nice photo, Jake. Do you mean this single nest has been used by hummingbirds for the last 11 years?? 🙃

thank you my friend putu! yes, this single nest has been used over and over...for the last 11 years. :)