1000 lbs of...more wood chips being dumped today for the epidermis of the food forest! ...

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... It’s truly the skin layer of the soil!!! This load makes the third ton I will have spread so far this season. one more to go! I’ll be showing more of this process in tomorrow’s dtube video. Wood chips for our food forest have been the most pivotal part of our success in growing fruit trees on our urban lot. I’ll post a video below of fellow steemian @gardeningchannel explaining more about the power of wood chips! Have a beautiful day/evening in your part of the world and happy growing!!!! -Jake and the Raw Uyah family


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Nice looking wood lol chips that is. I could so use a few piles of that. I am going to go rent a large industrial wood chipper soon to chip down the piles of trees and limbs I have been collecting the last 2 years of building fences on my property and let them start breaking down for next year. Love seeing your garden.

Bark will be a good organic fertilizer and also be used as a growing medium for plants. . I really appreciate your efforts to do greenery, Jake.


i really appreciate YOURS...my friend!!!! your images are absolutely wonderful!!!!

That will definitely give even more momentum for the forest! It continues to bloom quite impressively from what I have seen!

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thanks so much my brother!!!! mulch.....momentum!!!! :)

I'm jealous! lol, I'm working through my existing piles of wood chips and really could use some more soon. Got to get everything mulched!

It's the time for preparations :)

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James @gardeningchannel breaks down the wood chips right .......here:

Its really the best (only?) way to improve soil quality/texture.
When we started our foofo in San Diego we had 8 full dumptrucks of tree shred from local trimmers. Interestingly enough, one load was palm and that lasted 2x longer than the others which i think were mostly Euc's with some Victoria Boxwood and a little Carrotwood.
Best investment ($0!) ever made on our humble 1/3 acre plot.

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wow...cheers to those wood chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like we're growing on a similar plot size. :) i agree...best investment EVER!