Today is world earth day and i think each of us should think about how we are behaving ...

in #appics2 years ago

... towards it.
The planet we live on gives us everything we need in nature, oxygen, water and food. We are instead destroying it slowly for our selfishness!
In this period in which we, humans, are stuck in our "cages" and our production of pollution has slowed down, the Earth begins to breathe again, the animals return to free and enter deserted cities! Think about it!
Suffice a little effort from each one so that the Earth does not die, we must live here so WHY NOT IMPROVE OUR PLANET? !!


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Con questa foto mi hai fatto venire in mente dragon ball!

Exactly dear..stay safe.

wow, beautiful message 💪

nice photo and true inspiring words🙏🏻☀️🌷

Wow! Awesome picture 🌎 and great message as well

I do my best to bring beautiful and interesting content 😁

Amazing 🌎 great Job 👌

Let's conquer the world!

Oh yes my friend but respecting

Indeed brother! Beautiful message 💯👌

That’s just what i think 😁

Amazing picture bro..😘

Thanks bro 🤛🏼

You good so nice looking bro

Thank you my friend

Amazing 💪

I'm glad you like it

So true ! Mother Earth 🌍 is what we need to take care of ! We need to tread it with infinite love ❤️

So true! Stay safe and healthy my friend!

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