MANHATTAN SKYLINE It was my FIRST TRIP TO AMERICA, a huge emotion! A unique ex ...

in #appics2 years ago

... perience to go to the city of New York, in my eyes a whole new world!
I grew up in a small city with just over 30,000 inhabitants, so imagine my emotions in being in the Big Apple.
All giant, I spent the first 3 days with my face up and my mouth open. You can see everything you see in the movies!


I would not live there because for me it is too chaotic even if organized very well, but absolutely to see at least once in a lifetime!

PS: when you go I highly recommend you to attend a gospel mass in the Harlem neighborhood!


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Ci vivresti mai in una città del genere?

No non fa per me sinceramente, oltre essere caotica hai il mare a due passi ma non può fare il bagno 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was a beautiful trip 🗽♥️

Siii beh per forza, avendolo fatto insieme 🤙🏼

Ohhh my. Perfection.

yes, this photo came out well 💪🏻

Wow what a beautiful skyline shot, and experience it must have been!

I do my best to take you with me in the experiences, with the best photos I can take

Travel is a way of learnings & discoveries

It's really beautiful views 😘😘

wow what a view 👌😉

Definitely not a place to live in. The chaos is a killer. 😂 i did a similar skyline photo of Dubai. I see it right out of my workspace. Your photo is superb!! 😍🌟

Ei man I saw your photo on your profile, it's a very nice shame about the mechanical crane in front of them

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