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RE: Announcement: APPICS' Dual Blockchain Solution

in #appics2 years ago

Great decision @appics, leveraging the power of EOSIO ecosystem to make things happen is a good move. A dual-blockchain strategy is the way to go. We have to be agile & agnostic. Why not form a strategic alliance with @busy and @esteem to bring this collaborative dual-blockchain solution. The Steem community will still benefit from your dual blockchain experience. VOICE, the newly announce EOSIO social network will have some good competition. It will be good for the entire DPoS universe to have many social networks all connected together and servicing different niches. Again congratulation for taking this move. Welcome to 21st century social lab.


Hey @pnc! Thanks for your feedback!
We are also very happy with the dual solution we were able to work out.
we're rooting for every blockchain business that is pushing crypto towards mass adoption! We're also happy to see other blockchain-based social networks succeed and can't wait to see how voice will develop.

You are right, it's a new era, and we are witnessing it right before our eyes!