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... ake-up, It’s 3 PM!

Unlike most people, my typical day starts in the afternoon, right around 3 PM, as that’s when I would usually wake up. I would pick up my phone and check the number of upvotes I got for the article I uploaded the night before. I have a @esteemapp account to keep track of my Hive uploads. As soon as I have read the apps notification, I would then check my wallet to accept my rewards if there are any. Still in bed, I would browse my feed to engage the posts I like on Hive by giving them 100% upvote.

Time to Workout for Some $$$

After a good 5 to 10 minutes, I would ready myself for my usual workout routine. I use a Home Workout App when I do my daily exercise. But before even starting the workout, I would turn on my @actifit mobile application first to clock in the needed points to earn AFIT tokens. Actifit is a decentralized mobile app that’s available on Android and Iphone which allows its users to earn AFIT token rewards by automatically tracking the everyday activity of the actifit user. As of writing 1 AFIT is equal to 0.0549 Hive, and 1 Hive is worth 18.36 PHP (0.364 USD). You can exchange AFIT for Hive on Hive-Engine.

Time to Work, it’s 4 PM!

My typical work hours is from 4 in the afternoon, and usually lasts until a little after 1 in the morning, and is mostly spent on meetings via Zoom or MS Teams. I’ll probably write a separate piece about what I do soon or maybe not. 🙂
I typically end my shift at 1 AM.
It maybe weird but between 1 AM to 2 AM, I would usually walk my dogs outside, and would play for a few minutes. My furbabies body clock is weird too.

It’s 2 AM, Time to Update my Social Media Accounts!

I own several social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tiktok. I notice that lately, I spend less of my time on Facebook though, a few minutes on Twitter and Tiktok, some minutes on Instagram, and probably an hour on Youtube and usually for news updates. This was mostly because I spend more time on Hive. I would usually log on my WordPress account, and would normally compose an article or two about topics that interests me – Usual topics of interests would be anything that can help onboard the new Hive Users. I have also started interfacing with community leaders to help organize the Philippine Hive & Steem Community.

Time to Play for $$$

It’s should have been Water & Life. But in my defence, the emblem ready does look like Light. 😊
Once I have uploaded my latest article using the @steempress plugin, I would now play @splinterlands. I would spend a good hour here just to catch up on quests, and to earn more Dark Energy Crystals or DECs. There is a built in token on Splinterlands that players can earn and use to trade cards in the market, and it’s the DEC token. As of writing, 1 DEC is worth 0.00179 Hive.
In between sessions, and while waiting for battles to load, I would check on my @Appics account. I would update my account by uploading a new photo, and upvoting the contents of my friends on Appics. In Appics, one can earn APX which is worth $0.0827 in the market. Find out more about Appics here – Get Paid To Post Using Appics!

Time to Sleep

I am the type who can’t really sleep until my mind is so tired that all it can do is doze off, and so I tire myself by binge watching TV series on Netflix or HBO GO. I just finished “Into The Night”, and it was fantastic!
That’s it! I wanted to share with everyone what my typical day is like during the lockdown. Let me know what you think on the comment section below. 🙂


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