Many of us here in the U.K. recieved a letter from our Prime Minister to inform us ...

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... of the steps our Government are taking to combat Coronavirus which also imposes that we should all stay at home. The leaflet that was also included in the mail shot covers a few things we should know about business, work and income etc. While it's good that our Prime Minister, our Government and the NHS have our best interests at heart I could not help but notice there was no mention of the fact that we should be doing what we can to keep and maintain a good strong and healthy immune system. So I feel it is necessary that I put up a video with some suggestions for maintaining a good strong healthy immune system, I use various different high quality nutritional products as well as eating natural fresh fruit and vegetables along with good old traditional home made medicinal drinks which I will share in my video later today. The product you see in this photo post is Herbalife #CR7DRIVE which was scientifically developed with Cristiano Ronaldo and is a unique carbohydrate-electrolyte solution. I'll talk more about this in my new up and coming video. You can also learn more about Herbalife Nutrition by visiting the link in the bio description and then click through on the Herbalife banner.


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