Woooow! It's really great to be here, I am Oladayo Amusan from Ibadan, Oyo State ...

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... Nigeria, I am a great designer, a public speaker, I love to explore and meet new people and I hope to meet awesome people here on Appics. Let's explore appics together


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Hello @oladayoamusan,
Welcome to Steemit!
Wish you much fun and success, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
You know Partiko already?
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Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at https://www.steemiandir.com I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you anonyvoter, i do hope to enjoy the platform

Hi @oladayoamusan

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Wishing you the best.
Best Regards

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Nice one, lets see how it goes

Hi @oladayoamusan if you need any help please don't hesitate to reach me.


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Hello Maryna!!! 😊👋
I really happy to see new Steemians in this platform. I started almost a year ago and I remember how much it was difficoult to understand all the features of Steem Blockchain.
So I understand that a Mentor or a Supporter are necessary for new users. In this state of mind I want to help you to introduce yourself in this world.
Please answer to this comment and show me your happiness. Otherwise if you prefer you can write me back on Discord: I am moncia90#7647.
I am already waiting for you!😉👍

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Thank yiu moncia, its a great news

Do you want to join communities?
I think this Is one of the greatest secrets of Steem!!!

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Welcome to Steem oladayoamusan! Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome to steemit! It's really a good platform for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! ;)