Bitcoin Price Update ₿ Hi guys! Quick update on BTC. As you can see I am in the ...

in #appics4 years ago

... Daily Time Frame. Check green and red boxes.

White trendline resistance from 10k was broken, price brokeout and is currently retesting. If break the two (2) yellow lines, I will become confident with it since it's also my invalidation in Elliot Wave Principle.

If this trendline doesn't hold (fakeout), then we can possibly see a lower low for BTC breaking the first range (blue boxes) I created before from my past updates. We will see for the next hours.

That's all! An upvote and comment on your side with this is much appreciated. Thank you so much again!

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advise and I'm not a financial advisor. My opinion doesn't reflect the ambassadors and APPICS team opinion.


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