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RE: #StayHome Challenge 1st Month - 1st Place Winner 🥇 @katery12

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What a joke. A managed social media profile (probably with links to your own organisation) who has never authenticated her account by linking it to any of her other social media accounts and who has not ONCE actually responded personally to her comments or engaged with anyone in the community.
So many 'real' members took part and who support your App and you stitch them up. Absolute disgrace, you should be ashamed!


Hello nathen, my name is Mauricio and just wanted to let you know that I was the one who personally invited my Katery to the app and you can also check her instagram account and stories to see that she is a legit Appics user. I know that she doesnt respond very often here on Appics, but in my opinion she is sharing great quality content like this really well deserved entry that earned her this prize for the challenge. Have a gret day!!

@mauriciovite thanks for taking the time to reply. There is no question about the quality of content but the point still applies that the content is not original to Steem, it is simply posted across her social media networks as professionals do and neither does the member engage with the community who is supporting her. I notice, that generally speaking, you also do not engage.

The other point was that it hardly shows any goodwill when their Steem account is not listed alongside their other social media accounts.

I don't know if you are a member of the Appics team but if so, you have a Masters in Public Relations! Would you honestly say snubbing a huge community who support this project in such a manner, as well as ignoring other community members genuine concerns over the usability of this App is good public relations for them?

Again, thank you for taking the time to reply and I wish Appics and yourself best wishes. To reiterate, my beef was with who the prizes were awarded too, NOT the people themselves. The App is beautiful but don't let it become a case of style over substance. Announcements about listings on exchanges is great news but if the product is crap and pisses off its users, there is no news in the world that will stop it from falling. That would be a real shame.

Stay safe and stay sane during lockdown fella :-)

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