To me - it fits much better into beauty, or travel. Much better. Ant by the way, 95% of the viewers shall travel quite a bit, to reach this particular spot. Inspite of all, I fully agree that NATURE, FLORA, FAUNA SELFIE - are very much missing categories

You're right ... Sorry about my outburst earlier but I've been posting photos on steemit from the beggining and there were always problems with finding a unified way of posting photos ... I would like to see something like Instagram with optional tagging ... Hopefully APPICS will make some adjustments ...

As I understand they are working on this day and night :)

So you believe ART is the most proper category for this type of photos?

Oh, so sorry ... is it TECH ? BEAUTY ? GAMING ? FITNESS ? TRAVEL (it's not ... it's as close to my house as it gets ...) ? CRYPTO or maybe MUSIC ? no ? LIFESTYLE? FASHION ? WISDOM ? FOOD? PURPOSE ? ANIMAL? SPORTS? DANCE? BUSINESS? or is it COMEDY ? ... there's no NATURE or LANDSCAPE or anything like that in available categories ... and all photography is ART to me ...

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