Attending the Face Forward Gala 2018!

in appics •  6 months ago

Thank you @faceforwardla for having us!
Domestic violence is real! Human trafficking
is real! And as citizens of planet earth it is our duty to help where we can, raise awareness and support organizations like @faceforwardla to truly change the lives of survivors! It was an honor meeting such brave heroes and beautiful humans❤️


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Greetings, mrs steemit

You look beautiful in the photos and videos. I imagine this meeting was very good.

Congratulations on the cause and good evening !!!

Hi uma and other ladies, You and @soldier showing us beautiful clicks under the lights. Seems memorable occasion.

as citizens of planet earth it is our duty to help where we can

Yeah...It's better thinking about humans. I really like your positive mind. Great pics.

She's bringing sexy back 😉

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Wow you guys looking cool

Great cause for the human welfare. I wanna ask about the appics launch. When it will hit the market? The same kind of app named ONO has already hit the market and appics may see tough competition from it.



Wow you added the charm with your presence there so nice to see that beautiful :D

beautiful ladies