Celebrating 10 years of friendship, the start of a New Year, Decade AND Birthday ...

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... of a special soul sister. @soldier 🤍🎂✨


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As the new decade dawns I have a serious question for @soldier and @mrs.steemit, as leaders and role models for their generation:

Do you plans for the next decade include marriage and children?

Europe in general and Germany in particular faces an existential crisis that will destroy your civilisation and culture unless your generation turns things around and starts having 3+ kids instead of 0-2.

It is the generation now in the 20s that will decide whether Europe continues on its lemming like march over the demographic cliff- with the dire economic consequences that follow from shrinking work forces and consumer bases.

Like the ancient Greeks and Romans before you, failure to ensure above replacement fertility is a sure path to extinction.

I don’t think we’re facing an existential crisis in relation to the amount of humans being born any time soon. It’s rather quite the opposite, the population continues to grow, some people are worries about over population, because the average life span of humans has almost doubled. There are serious issues going on in the world, like the many humans destroying mother Gaia and I think that’s more of a valid concern, extinction due to natural disaster. But I’d have to do more research on the topic to understand where your points come from.

His points come from the well known (and probably partially truthful) belief that the ”European” or more specifically “white” population is at risk globally.

Sorry my comment posted before I completed it. The terms “western civilisation” or “your culture” are well used alt-right expressions to refer to the global “white genocide” theory.

Thank you ☺️

Amazing.... That's a Nigerian song and you could sing and dance to it? Wow interesting, I didn't think our songs went that far and wide. Which other nigerian songs do you know?

Sorry i couldn't listen to the tune cos of insufficient bal. Could you pls tell the title of the nigerian song

Baby by Joeboy

Thanks! I didn’t even know it was Nigerian, but we listened to it from @aaronnight’s Video while getting ready and really liked the vibe, so we decided to do a little dance ☺️ but in general Afro beats have become quite popular in Europe. I was at a concert of Mr. Eazi and also Burna Boy came to Germany not too long ago. A lot of people here like the music, me too, the rhythm is great to dance to.

That's really cool and nice too know. We like the rhythms too over here. Burna Boy and Mr Eazi is one of our favourite. Haha! Just so you know, the name of that song you just danced to is "baby by Joeboy". Have a splendid new year.

Plus ya a good dancer. Doz were some cool moves, looking like you've been in Nigeria before. Haha!

Absolutely stunning. All the best for the new year ladies.

Thanks! All the best 🙏🏽

Absolutely EPIC... two Queens. 👑 Happy happy birthday @soldier!!


Haha, that is absolutely fabulous!! You Go Girls!! Wishing @soldier a very Happy Birthday! Cheers to A New Decade, New Year New You!! Appics is going to be Epic, Keep Rockin on into 2020, love the positive energy from you guys, LETS GO GO GO!!! upped and resteeemed

Thanks 🙏🏽☺️ Wishing you a great year of health and happiness

You as well, never stop Rockin On!

Happy Birthday and new year! 😁

Happy New Year chicas guapas. ✨✨✨

Gracias! Feliz año Ana, to you and your familzx💗

Happy new year and happy birthday guys

Beautiful dance.Wish that your friendship stay life long !!

Aw thanks 💛

Cool! Happy new year and happy birthday!))

haha fun! 👌

Exactly! It’s important to have fun and not take yourself too serious 😝

Happy new decade ladies! 😎

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Thanks! Same to you, all the best 🙏🏽✨

friends are something fantastic and fundamental in life. Finding real and honest ones is not easy, but once you find it you know there will be something that will bind you forever! Happy birthday @soldier 👏🏻🎉

So true, I’ve realized that over time that only very few people will remain in your close circle, but those that do are special and to be grateful for 🙏🏽

yes absolutely, time shows us who you really can count on ☺️

happy birthday and happy new year @soldier & @mrs.steemit♥♥

Thanks, HNY🤍

Wait... Appics has video??

Yes it has. Appics is fun just like Instagram

Where do I see my APX wallet in the app.. or how do I power up APX tokens?

You can easily get that done in steem-engine

I figured it out and was able to power up thank you! Excited to start using it 🤘😝

Cool bro. Keep up the work with appix on steem

Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎊🎁

OMG, both of you looking so hottie. Happy Birthday @soldier.

Happy Birthday 🎊 you two look absolutely stunning 🔥😉

Happy Birthday soldier🎉🎂🖤

Aaawww thank you my love 🥺

Happy Birthday and New Year @soldier
Happy New Year @mrs.steemit

Thanks! HNY 🎊

Real definition of FRIENDSHIP.

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Congratulations girls 🍾🥂🍾🥂🤩🤩✨! Friends are like ingredients that makes our life spicy 🌶!! Keep her highly near you my dear!!

Yeaaah girls this rocks! Congrats to you, a friendship can't get celerbrated enough :-*


You're shaking your butt so well. You're so cool.