The Youtube Crypto Ban Escelates & We Need To Act!

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As Cryptopotato recently reported, the platform began deleting crypto-related videos and even removing channels.
Although YouTube has admitted that this was a mistake, many YouTubers have expressed interest in moving to blockchain-based social media platforms to share content. This is our opportunity to get the affected crypto content creators over to APPICS. The topic is hot right now, so I urge you to act quickly and do the following:
-> Go to the affected content creators channels
According to the latest updates, those are the cryptocurrency-related channels that were affected by the new ban:

  • Chris Dunn TV
  • The Moon
  • Heidi
  • Chris Coney (The CryptoVerse)
  • Altcoin Daily
  • Bitcoin and Coffee
  • Node Investor
  • Crypto Rich
  • Ksnip4
  • IvanOnTech
  • BTCSessions
  • Rice Crypto
  • Joey Rocket Cryptos
  • The Moden Investor
  • Boxmining
  • Nugget's News
  • That Martini Gu<
  • Crypto Daily
  • Mr_Kristof
  • Alessio Rastani
  • Pygoz
  • Sunnydecree
  • CryptoBeadles
  • Chico Crypto

    -> Leave a comment, inviting them over to Appics. They can simply contact us via email: [email protected] or reach out to one of our admins on Telegram
    -> If one of the creators comes over to Appics we will delegate them the amount of subscribers they have in APX tokens, so that they have voting power. You will receive a commission as well.

    Let's show the mainstram world how strong the Appics community is and that the alternative to traditinal social media is already here, where content creators are free to create without the fear of being censored, banned or stripped from rewards. Let them know that we care and support them, that we have a category dedicated to crypto content and that they earn rewards directly from the support of their audience.

    LET'S GO! 💥


    Powered by APPICS - visit us at


..of course, mrs.steemit!!..will be done immediately!!..joke beside..just wanted to do a little post and chill a while...but as I m still motivated to pass by on YouTube, yes, i will try my best, let’s see..on the other side, if they are full time blogger, guess they should know about appics...especially, if they are crypto bloggers..we will see..the only reason they could have against, are the members at the moment, but there are many reasons for appics..apx rocks!..

Thanks! And I agree with your point that the user base is the main factor as to why the bigger content creators might be hesitant to switch to another platform - but the good part is they can simply cross-post and get the "early mover" advantage. Even if they don't join now, they will later. Right now is more about raising awareness :)

Telling Youtubers about Appics will not make big effect. Most Youtube (and other sensored platform) authors already know about alternatives. There are many of them, not just Appics. And hosting is NOT an issue for them . Hosting can be done so many ways. Even on home PC. Accesibility, awarenes, number of potential users/viewers is the problem. How many users are on YT ? Millions, hundreds of millions. Maybe billions. How many active on Appics? A few hundreds? A thousand at very best ? If Appics team, together with all us, could reach the user base growth by 1000x, 10000x - this is what would work. This should be as #1 on our priority list. How long we will see those "coming soon" notes in the app? When the onboarding new members will be simplified, and manual authorisation (for app download) removed ? When we can edit our posts, comments, tag people and locations, efectively flag/downvote abusers? How long you will keep 65-25-10 split ratio, and do you realy believe these proportions are the best for fast groth ? IMHO, telling OG Youtuber - come in here, we have something new for you, just...yeahh... still in BETTA - looks not much more than a joke. Im on Steemit 3.5 years, have onboarded here dozens, if not hundreds. And I keep doing this. And for Appics too. But all the above named limitations and obstacles does not make me very enthusiastic... Massess are not so patient as we here, which sitted silently since ICO. Masses are already spoiled by YT, IG, FB. Dont get me wrong, i still believe in Appics. Other wise why would I keep buying those APX's ? Approaching 70K now. If only Newdex & SE Gateway could work a bit better...

Thanks for your feedback. Regarding your points, we are aware that in order to onboard the masses we will need to have a seamless user experience and onboarding process, which is what we're currently focusing on.
We've prepared campaigns with international brands and "influencers" already, but have been holding them back on purpose until we have improved and simplified the onboarding process.
Still, with news like this it makes sense to raise awareness for Appics - since it's not just another way to host your content, but to earn and get rewarded directly and independent from Ads. What makes Appics attractive right now is that you have the early adopter advantage. It's always good to be ahead and establish a following early, before a platform becomes widely known an popular. This is why my team and I posted regularly on Steemit since the early days, even though the user experience was not even close to other traditional social media platforms.

So in conclusion, all the points you mentioned are clear to us and in the works, but at the same time we can spread awareness and either they will join now, sooner or later.

Keep moving forwards....improve improve and let us edit soon 😘😉🙌🌈

Ohhh, forgot 1 thing. (But how can I edit ???) Upvoting is nice, but not the only thing you all can do. Resteem! Just like I just did to my 5300+ followers.

I really appreciate your valid points, speaking my mind, even though I know that there is lots of patience needed to finalize a project. Masses are indeed not that patient and I am still cruising around way too much on Instagram and even Facebook to reach “masses” and friends. I would
love to let go.....

What an awesome initiative @mrs.steemit , everyone should join Appics where your free to create with no fear of being banned!! Go Go Appics, Lets Do This!! Upped 💯 and will resteem over on Steemit.

Thanks Karen! We appreciate your support 🙏🏽

I am “back” ( kind off ), trying to catch up and ready to support @appics more again as well but so many things are not yet clear to me. Let me know when you got some time and let’s reconnect per telegram or even WhatsApp.

Big hugs and Happy 2020!!!

When one door Closes... another one will open... this is a big chance for Appics to take over... nothing can stop the future 🚀

Exactly ❣️🙌🏽

Trying to support this initiative - the YT happenings certainly open doors for several DApps.

Step by step ......this door will open more and more

Na hoffentlich meine Liebe

Great idea and opportunity to jump on. I‘ll be reaching out to these users on YT shortly. Staying positive and hopeful to onboard as many as possible during the early adapter phase.

Wow an Appics logo, video, professional quality, and over 40 bucks in usd post rewards? I wish we could see how much APX a post makes but @appics @solider1 needs to tell someone to pay for SteemPeak so APX shows up as a tribe on steempeak and we can see how much APX is given per Appics post. Great video upvoted

Thanks! And good point, will check regarding listing on steempeak:)

Sure will! Amazing time to grow..

Yes we need to grab this opportunity to enrich APPICS !!

Yes, great timing!

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