50 Years ago the Internet was born. Not too long ago, the Internet was a phenomenon ...

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... to most, complex, confusing, and really only for tech-savy people. Many believed that it wouldn’t last and that if they would ignore the Internet, it would at some point just go away. With great technologies, in the beginning no one really knows how it works or can predict the impact it will have in the future. Social Media today was something people started actually using less than 10 years ago.

Imagine if you were one of the first ones in 1995 to realize that the internet was going to become what it is today, and social media would play such a dominant role in our society. “social media influencer” has become a new career choice, “youtubers” “instagram models” etc. and “making money online” through amazon, blogs and other things is a concept that we accept as a norm today.

It is in our human nature to believe that things will always be as they are and it’s hard to imagine that we live in an ever changing world where technology has drastically increased the speed of change. But that’s the reality. We truly live in the greatest era of all time and with the next big invention after the Internet: Blockchain Technology, we have the power to re-shape the world in a positive way, bring freedom, fairness, light in the dark and welcome a new Era, where the power belongs to the people.

And how do we spark the revolution and get the masses on board to use Blockchain and Crypto? By introducing them to what the light-switch is for electricity - a gateway, an easy to use application that lets them earn crypto and benefit from the technology without having to understand how it works.

💡 Appics 📲 the movement has begun, it‘s still early days and I‘m enjoying our community of early adopters, disrupters, cryptopreneurs. 2020 will be a big year for all of us and I’m excited for everything that’s to come and everyone who’s apart of the journey. Ending the day with a grateful heart! 💜


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Wow! You are so right!! The journey has just begun and I cant wait to see what the future has in store, its going to be EPIC for sure, and 2020 is just the beginning!! GO, GO APPICS And Blockchain Technology to the 🌒 Moon, I Will See You There My Friend!! CHEERS TO THE WHOLE APPICS TEAM!!

Thanks Karen and I’m fully with you! Right time, right place 🚀

APPICS feels like a family right now. We know most of each other and its Awesome

It really does! Can’t wait to meet everyone in person 😊

Agreed😀 there are hurdles at this beginning but we will be stronger 👌🏻👊🏻


You really found the right words👏🏾🎯

Glad it spoke to you ☺️

I really believe appics is going to the moon. I think the biggest challenge appics will have is to get people that not so clued up with computers. To invest there money into it

So many scams around these days. But like you say , it's just hurdles to get over!

The best part though is that you don’t need to invest to use Appics. Buying tokens aka. voting power is definitely helpful, but not a must - which keeps the barrier to entry as low as possible

To the moon Appics 🏅🏅💋

Very very beautiful! 👍😍

Im sure you will make another post like 50 years later about Appics. We are the pioneers of a new dawn.

Exciting prediction 🔮👀

Strong Caption. Well said 👍🏾😊

Thank you 🙏🏽

YES! This is exactly what it is. I think crypto in general and also earning crypto with different apps will be the norm in the future.

Most definitely 🙌🏽

Well said, great things are coming especially for the ones who believe in the benefits of the blockchain technology.🙌📱💡

Well said! Appics is just the beginning 🙌🏼

Totally agree with you !! APPICS will be rockzzzzz !!

Schön gesagt! Das Bild ist wirklich wunderschön und ich vermisse die sunsets in Mauritius ❤️ More coming soon ☺️🙏🏽

Danke 🥰 and yes can’t wait to be back 🙌🏽💛

Informative information. I am glad that I am also part of appics now.

Glad that you’re on board 🙌🏽

Beauty queen !!!!!! Wooow !!!!! ❤️

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