Our "passion rewarded" contest ended yesterday. THANK YOU to everyone who partic ...

in #appics4 years ago

... ipated, got creative and joined the challenge! ❤️
We had over 250 submissions in all kinds of different categories, from singing to baking to painting! ⚠️ Now make sure to FOLLOW the @appics account to stay up-to-date and find out about the WINNER of the first ever contest on APPICS! 🎁🎊
6️⃣ days to go until the big announcement!

Good luck to all participants!🍀


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Awesome. Good luck everyone!😉🙌

Cant wait for the Winners anouncement!

OMG, I seen the Apoics posting and could not believe it 250 Entries, Wow, you guys must be overwhelmed thats really awesome @mrs.steemit ! Best of luck to everyone, Looking forward to seeing all the winning entries in a few days!!Upped and Resteemed over on Steemit to help spread the word!

Can't wait to see the list of winners. :) that was a great initiative and awesome numbers

Wow it's nice to see all of this entries for the first contest, let's the winners 😁

Wearing this t-shirt has increased its beauty even more, looking very cute and beautiful, I swear

Cool 😎👍🏻

So bad that I missed this chance ... Hope another competition will be announced in the near future! Looking forward to see the winners ☺️

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