⚠️ BLACK FRIDAY has been extended until the end of CYBER MONDAY (PST), so you have ...

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... a few hours left to take advantage of our 50% SALE on EVERYTHING 💥 at store.appics.com using the CODE: BLACKFRIDAY 💥before prices go back to normal.
🔊The first batch of orders went out today! I can’t wait to see everyone in different parts of the world rocking their Appics merch! Don’t forget, we ship worldwide! 🌍 Shop now at store.appics.com
I’m wearing the Cryptopreneur Hoodie, which might just be my favorite piece from the collection. Extremely soft, stylish and perfect for the winter ❄️


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One of those orders is coming to Mexico City :)

Sure is 🙌🏽

After a few days we will see many people posting pictures of APPICS shirts😌🔥. Will be awesome😁😍

Yess 🙌🏽💥

Can’t wait to get my shirt 🔥🔥🔥

Yayy can’t wait for you to rock it 🙌🏽💥

Hottest Crypto Merch in the game is a fact! 😌 💯

YIPPEE!! I sure hope one of those packages is mine @mrs.steemit ! I cant wait for my first Appics Merch. package ( "Eyes Realize" T Shirt ) to come in the mail!!

Yours might be shipped from our U.S department, but either way it will soon get to you. Love that shirt! Looking forward to your posts wearing it! ☺️🙏🏽

Thanks for your kind reply! Hope it fits, im sure It will be here soon!

It says the code expired :(

Message me on Telegram! uma_hg

Can't waitvto see all people posting their pics in our Appics tees 🔥

Same 😊🙏🏽

when am i expecting mine Mrs.steemit? i long to have Appics merch

When did you place an order?

All of the videos we have uploaded are displayed blur, please why are they blur?

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