Happy Release Day - Major APP Update! 🙌🏽 my first official post, earning APX tokens ...

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... 💸💥Today we are releasing the new version of the Appics APP that includes a new feature - the integrated wallet AND the integration of the native APX Token, which means from now on you will be able to earn APX tokens in addition to Steem, stake and use your APX tokens as voting power. You can view your account wallet by clicking on your profile - then on the total amount in $ that your account holds and you will enter the wallet screen that shows the amount of APX and Steem you hold in $, as well as your Voting power ⚡️ and by „powering up“ your tokens you turn them into Voting Power = increase your voting influence and curation rewards. Please test your voting power carefully by voting on content with 5%, then 10% etc. Also note that it can take about 3 minutes for your vote with APX power to be registered, so if you voted and the amount didn’t change immediately, refresh the page after a few minutes. Enjoy the update! this is only the beginning!


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I love the new APP.


Looking forward to testing out the new token, great work guys.

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Wonderful! Just tested an APPICS post! Thank you!!

Nice! Keep it up :)

Yayyy 😊🎊🎉


Big step forward wishing all the best a new joruney evolves for every steemian :D

Indeed! Always appreciate your support 🙌🏽


Yesss 🙌🏽

Nice, now i can vote wirh my APX,and it's working with Android 😍

Yaay! 💥

So exciting!! Testing now!!!!


Well done.


Ms. Uma. Thanks. Great job👍🏻

Thanks! Just the beginning 🙏🏽

Yeah! Love the new update... And this pic is beautiful 😍

Thank you 😊

Glückwunsch 🎉 🚀

Danke 🙌🏽

lovely ❤️ You guys are doing a great job 👍🏾

Thank you ❣️

You are welcome ❤️☺️

The App update is brilliant, can't wait to get going

Yes, indeed, this picture is worth a thousand words...

Amazing photo and great body!

SO awesome, just tested it out! :)


yea this is what i have been waiting for before i start using steem, not much of a blogger

First of all, G R E A T N E W S!!

I am a little bit confused.
I get a window asking me to update, and when I click on the update now, I go to the Early access app, that I am requested to open (not update) and then all over the same again :)
What do I need to do?
Thanks for your time!

Hi Katerina! If you’re an iOS user, open the APP „test flight“ and there you should find the option to update Appics :)

Hi, so sorry I missed to mention the most important thing :)
I am an android user and I use appics mostly with my account @aboutheraklion
Is there an option for android?

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Still waiting for my tokens ..........sad face

I‘m assuming you’re an investor! If you confirmed your steem username at token.appics.com you will be in the second round of the token distribution. Until then enjoy earning APX :)

Thank you . Yea I am an investor . Can't wait to get it would be nice to give big upvotes two. Hope you have a great day :)

Awesome! :-)

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Fantastic! @mrs.steemit Congratukations 👍

Thanks Ana 💕

Congratulations to the fantastic job 🎉🍾 enjoy it 🎊🚀

Thank you 🙏🏽💥

Thanks for news @mrs.steemit.
One thing is not clear yet - will the upvote will bring APX rewards, if done from the windows browser on the desktop PC, instead of the mobill Appics app?

Not sure what you mean, since we don’t have a web version. In the APP you’re earning APX rewards from the people voting on your Content with APX power. So in the Appics APP you can earn both Steem and APX, whereas on Steemit you only earn Steem.

So, similar question, I as an APPICS user upvote your APPICS post in APPICS, all works as expected. However, what if I upvote your APPICS post from outside the app, via steemit or steemvoter or other?

Yes, this is exactly what i was asking. I expected that my APX stake is bounded to my particular steem account, and if it is used to upvote a someone's post mastered in appics app, would always make the same effect (i.e. generate APX rewards). No matter if I do this from my mobile appics app, or d

....No matter if I do this from my smartphone's mobile appics app, or windows browser on a desktop PC, or any other place. But seems this is not true. BTW, i hit enter by mistake, my comment got out, and there is no way I can edit it now. At least - not in this mobile app. Desktop browsers still are needed... :)

Great news. Did my update today and a post from
a SteemFest speech