MY LAST POST❗NEW ACCOUNT @umaofficial ❗ Many of you know me as "Mrs.Steemit" and ...

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... some of you have asked me over the years why I chose this username.

So here is the story:
In May 2016 the first blockchain based social media platform "Steemit" launched and my now Co-founder & CEO of Appics Tony Winchester had always been up-to-date in the crypto space and told me about it. When I heard of the concept "proof-of-brain" aka. monetizing social media activies through the blockchain, I was intrigued and immediately wanted to try it out. We registered a few names on Steemit and one of them happende to be "mrs.steemit". Without further thought and with the intention to simply test the platform and see if it works, in July 2016, I went ahead and published my first ever blogpost "10 random facts about me", thinking no one will actually read it. Only a few hours after refreshing the page, I saw that the post had made it to the trending page and from the upvotes, had over $2000 in rewards assigned to it.

I distinctively remember the surreal moment, the first time I converted Steem into BTC and into Euros and bought a coffee with the crypto money I had earned, from my first every blogpost. Fun fact, I actually also bought my first macbook laptop that I am still using today, from some of the early rewards. After this first post, people started following the account and once again without thinking too long-term, I continued using the account, gained followers and was interacting with the community, as "mrs.steemit". As time went by, I started going to conferences, attending and speaking at SteemFest 1 in Amsterdam and that's when I started to realise that people were approaching me and introducing me as "mrs.steemit" and not as "Uma" (my real name). Now I had the idea in mind of switching to a new account, because you cannot just change the username - since it's also your wallet address/bank account. But at the time, there was not yet the concept of delegation and I would have to move my voting power to this new account and so I just continued with the account. Also, keep in mind that the idea of Appics wasn't yet created, but in 2017 when we started conceptualising Appics and then in 2018 when we went on global tour and I spoke at conferences as Uma, Co-founder and COO of Appics, I knew that at some point I would have to move to a new account and change my username, because I would always have to explain myself and it is confusing for new users.

So now it's 2020, the beginning of a new year, new decade, Steemit has become a communities-hosting platform, rather than the blogging site, I am only posting through APPICS now and of course we're now part of the TRON ecosystem and community - so it is TIME FOR CHANGE!


I am very grateful for every single follower, my supporters from day 1 and everyone who has shown so much love and support, from my blogposts to the transition to Appics.
I just recently reached 7000 Followers on this account, which may not seem like a lot in comparison to other platforms, but on Steem it's a great milestone. THANK YOU!🙏🏽

The last 4 years have been an incredible journey and I hope you will continue to FOLLOW my journey, that I will from now on share via @umaofficial

Much love, Uma ❤


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I am trying to contact you without any luck. Would you please get in touch with me?

We would never forget to follow you up, there too. Nice video

Smart play Uma, it's always good to use your own name.🙌😎

Wow it's amazing looking 😍😍😍

See you on there, on your new account. Best of luck💪

Followed ya :)

Thanks for sharing the story. It's exciting to be here on the ground floor of an epic experience. Looking forward to many more great things with Appics 💓💓💓

Your first post on Steemit made much more than I got on Steemit over 1 year. 😂 jokes aside this is a good very inspiring story and I look forward to the future of APPICS, and pursuing my goal of becoming a professional artist. Also already followed your new account 😁👍 and upvoted. ☘️

Loved your video and have followed you from the start when I joined in July 2016 Wow how things have changed here on Steemit! Happy to keep following you now as @umaofficial and looking forward to many more Epuc Years to come here on Appics as well!! Have a wonderful week my friend!
Edit; Now following you on @umaofficial now that I'm on Steemit, also resteemed to help spread the word!

..of course I follow you, you have no choice, haha..sounds logical...or you use it for eventually double personality, haha...happy to have a same goal with you, we will succeed, appics will!...enjoy...

Great to see umaofficial. Great to meet you with your actual name. Cheers for great changes.

Interesting story! And inspiring how you've grown since day 1.

I am a fan and I will just follow your new account... 💓

Thanks for sharing your story dear ! I am going to follow your new account 🤗🤗

Uma I had the opportunity to read that first post and learn more about you. 🌟Thank you for sharing your story with us, I am already following you.💪

Clearly @mrs.steemit will always have some history and it would be great if we can have achieve accounts one day and people can see the reasons behind certain accounts. 7k followers is insane on steemit and well done. All the best with Appics in 2020 and beyond

I'd like to know, where is mr.steemit??

See you on the other account. And good choice to turn away from the old name. ;)

Congratulations to you and your success with steemit. I love that you are going to a new account on this new adventure as that makes total sense.

Thanks for sharing your story dear ☺☺

Thank you for sharing your steem story! Really interesting insight, I am following... ;)

The real boss🌟🔥


i am new here and can i ask what do it mean by Ms steemit?