What good are wings without the courage to fly👼🏻 think about it.. anything you ...

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... ever mastered, from learning to walk as a toddler, to learning how to swim, to whatever skills you currently have.. you had to dare and try first! You don‘t need to worry about getting to the end goal, just focus your energy on taking the first step, then the next step, adjust along the way, learn from mistakes, get up, keep making progress and it‘s in the natural law that you‘ll receive all the support and answers you need along the way. In essence.. have faith, be patient, keep moving and watch your visions manifest and enter your reality 💫


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Love it😍

Well said!


I'm spreading my wings to soar!

Keep flying and aiming high 🙌

Dark Angel 🔥

I knew that you're an Angel.

Now the secret is out 😋

One must believe and have faith. They will fly only when their wings are made of the fabric of faith. Thanks @mrs.steemit

Agreed. I believe we all have a purpose in life, which represents the wings that are there, but it takes belief, faith, courage to jump & fly - to realize that they were there from the beginning, ready to catch us and give us the ability to fly and experience freedom. Some spread their wings early, others later, and some never because of the lack in faith and believe in themselves as you mentioned - which is why it‘s so important to have people to teach, guide and mentor others, push them off the cliff as needed, like birds do when they first learn to fly ☺️

Nice write up... would like to fly with You....😜

Thank you. Feel free to join, keep striving 🕊

Live this shot! "Your Wings All Ready Exist. All You Have To Do is Fly..."

Thanks you! 🥰

Thank* lol

Your very welcome 👍😊💕

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Stunning !!!!

Love, lol

Yep everything starts with that first step to make it happen and go beyond after those steps. Cheers Nice Wings Angel : D

These are some beautiful words of inspiration. Thank you. 🤘🎼🎶

I like you.

My favorite girl ❤️

These are heartfelt words indeed. We live in a world of opportunities. But opportunity alone is not enough. People need the courage to seize opportunities, action should come after analysis. Think, Do, Learn and repeat!

That’s a great picture. Love the creative intuition that prompted that pose. Glad you seized the moment and didn’t let it get by!

I'm not surprise at this, because i have even known you to be beautiful

Just followed, I two know a thing about soaring high.