Biz trip to Milan 🇮🇹 04-04-19 Life is better when you realize you won’t find peace, ...

in appics •  4 months ago 

... happiness or fulfillment once you “get there”. That destination that doesn’t exist - it is the journey within you, in the present moment, for you to access and feel whole - meanwhile the road to greatness is always under construction. Now the goal is to create balance between striving and simply being 🛠🖤


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Very nice 🙌🏼

Thanks 🙏🏽

Next time visit Venezia! Incredible experience ... once year they have carneval, city is overcrowded but... ,) enjoy Appics!

Thanks for the recommendation, I definitely would love to! There are so many more places on my bucket list :)

Yeah it is like a neverending story ,)

Both sights are beautiful 🥰

Thanks 😋

Gorgeous Look👌😍

Thanks ☺️

Awesome shot and sentiment!

Thank you! 🙏🏽

Your welcome 😀🙋

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Excellent shot there .... Enjoy every moment steem on !!

Das muss eine interessante Reise nach Mailand
gewesen sein.
In Mailand gibt es viel zu entdecken.
Danke für deinen Artikel.
Viele Grüße.


How are you, I met you last year in Dubai at World blockchain summit. Happy to see Apics growing and building. BEST OF LUCK