Me too with powerbeats pro 😬 💪🏻

Good 🥳🥳

ㅋ 저도 샀습니다 ㅎ

본인한테 선물 주셨군요. 축하드려요 프로라 그런지 사용감 좋은데요

두개 샀습니다 ㅜㅜ

Sometimes we need to spoil ourself and then I also believe we derserve it. nice gift enjoy🤗

오옷 찰스박님 플렉스 하셨군요

그런건가요 😅

A nice gift for yourself these are great :)


how is the quality i am thinking to upgrade my airpods

Best sound quality and Noise Cancellation is Good

sometime rewarding yourself is the best thing to do and you did so well 😊

Sometimes we need to gift ourselves 😘✌


They are really cool 💯👍


Are you happy with them so far? Great gift 😜


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