Also, the first game in the Austrian League was successful. We won 3:1 played as ...

in appics •  4 months ago

... the left winger and was able to be a part of every three goals. We had a good start, but it’s just the beginning. There is a long way to go!👊🏾👍🏾


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Congratulations on your win
I did told you I was a big fan right?
Was this post made via Appics?


Thank you very much :)
Yes, this post was made via Appics.

Friendly matches are crucial, starting winning is a good sign to be prepared for the Bundesliga. You look fit! What are your expectations for next season?


So we will definitely​ win the title. The question is how far we will come internationally.

Dammmmmnnn.You are Such a Big Deal :D
Congratulations are in order to you & your team!xo


Thank you very much :)

Congratulations are in order. More wins to come


Thank you very much :)

More success to you and your team brother. Enjoy the season.


Thanks my friend :)


Welcome sir. Enjoy, greetings to your wife and son

Wow! Congratulations Ray! ♥ Congratulations to the whole team! ☺♥


Thank you very much sister :)

@modernpastor congrats on winning the first match of league. Wish you good luck for next matches.


Thank you very much :)

Congrats brother,i know red bull Salzburg as a great team it Austria .this is just the beginning of you and your teams success.

Pray for more goals and assist from you this season ,now two goals in the cup and 1 assist in the league good start brother.

But what I don't understand is the reason why the coach normally substitute you at the second half upon the kind of energy and accurate passes you display.

3:1 a good result to start the league with.congrats once again and this success will follow your team internationally(champions league).

Congratulations brother

This sure will life up the Spirit of everyone in the team and sure will act as a spirit.

Great to know about your assists ;)

All the very best for the upcoming games :)


Thank you, ​buddy :)

Gratuliere, auf zum nächsten Titel🤗

Congratulations brother, There is nothing better than starting the season with a great VICTORY. A lot of success for the upcoming games !!!

Is it me or is it that I thought you played in the German league? I may be wrong though, maybe transfer?
Seems the left winger had an assist of hat trick. The jersey looks cool though, you're midfielder I guess?


He plays for a German league


No,​ I am playing in Austria friends :) I am from Germany but playing in Austria.

Excelente...! Felicitaciones por la Victoria...! Todo lo que tenga que ver con el futbol es vida, salud y paz.

Saludos desde Venezuela

Wow! Is that you in the picture? Not so sure cos I have only pictures of you in face cap superimposed on my minds eye!

Wow congrats!

Thank you for being a winner. I will not call you all your fan but hope to play better in the future.

Better a good start then ... :)
Strange that there were no draws in the complete round! Good luck against Mattersburg!

Wow, congratulations for the win!!!! am sure that you will be on top soon, thanks for sharing this post with us and more success to you.

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ich bin immer noch sehr aufgeregt wegen des Neuen modi in Eurer Liga, wie siehst Du das?? Okay ich denke auch diese Umstellung ist keine Hürde für Euer Team... aber dennoch werde ich es interessiert verfolgen ;) Desweiteren frage ich mich was Du von dem neuen Modus hälst :)

Geil, :-) Ich hätte ich gerne auch fotografiert. Hab mir vor ein paar Tagen das 400er Objektiv zugelegt und das wäre genau richtig gewesen um dich in Aktion zu fotografieren. Wie ist es eigentlich wenn man auf dem Feld steht und man weiß, dass jeder Tritt und jede Mimik von den Fotografen aufgenommen wird?

Gratulation :-)

Gratuliere Ray! Sehr guten Start! Ich glaube dieses Jahr werdet ihr wieder den Titel holen. Bin gespannt was ihr in den Europäischen Wettbewerben macht, weil voriges Jahr habt ihr ein sehr schönes Eindruck hinterlassen.

Viel Erfolg!

Wow... I just got to know about one @modernpastor on Steemit 😊 and trust me, I'm so impressed with your blog.
Big congratulations to you on this. More blessings fall on you.