The season is about to start this Sunday🌞 Everything is prepared, and again there ...

in appics •  7 months ago

... is a long way to go. Excited to see what this season will hold for us!⚽️🏃🏾


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wünsche auch alles gute für die neue Saison, absoluter Titelfanwärter wieder, lg
in unserem Bundesliga Guide war ein nettes Bild von dir, von einem Spiel gegn Rapid



Ich danke dir vielmals :)
Das Bild kenne ich ^^

I wish you much success this season, brother. They have had a good preparation so I am sure they will do well ... The bad thing is that you will surely be absent in steemit as in the preseason. :(

It's very nice the photo with the sky in the background is wonderful. ;-)


I will try my best to keep the rhythm​ :)


Cool. 😊 Blessings!

You sure did your best and so did your team ;)

All the very best !

Everything will sure be a great surprise :)


I hope so buddy I hope so :)

Wish you all the best @modernpastor
I am your biggest Steem fan
Go rock your world...Red Bulls!!!!


Thank you, ​my friend :)

Yes the season will be good because from your clubs pre-season the players did well and the Austria cup you played well with upto 6goals ,so if player and crew will keep to this form you people will bag more trophies this season.

Like the picture .

Wishing you a favorable and injury free season as I look forward to see more goals and assists from you .


Thank you, ​my friend :)
The most important part: INJURY FREE!💪🏽


Trying your luck


That is one of the things that hinders a player success ,just like formet Arsenal player Carzola.

And I know fully well that it will not happen to you .

So, you have some nice weather in Austria right now. Let the season be the same as the weather! Hit it hard!


I sign that immediately. 💪🏽

It will give you good things ,because you worked for it .

Wishing you a season full of fortunes .


Thank you my friend :)

@modernpastor beautiful photography and have a fun . Enjoy the Sports time


Thanks buddy :)

The sky looks so beautiful. In Nigeria, the sky is grey


Never blue like in that picture?


We have very blue skies, the things is that we are in the rainy season now.

Not really into sports. But you are looking cool on the photo.

I think your post is a great post. Thanks a lot shared a post.

wow what a style!!!
i will follow your style

Wishing you great success.

The horse is set for battle but safety of God and success does not come from the east and west but from the Lord

Break a leg, buddy :)



Wish all the best and be blessed.

Best of luck @modernpastor!😊❤ Go Red Bulls!😊

Ich bin sehr gespannt auf den neuen modus den Ihr ja ab dieser Saison spielt.... Ich denke das Ihr es trotz dieses neuen Modus wieder schaffen werdet... Ich hoffe dich sooft wie möglich auf dem Feld zu sehen und damit auch Erfolgreich zu sein ;)

All the very best. hope you'll conquer this season.

Toi toi toi, für die nächste Sasion🤗

Best wishes in the games...please be safe!