My First appics post.. I'm loving It!

in #appics3 years ago (edited)

Sun's warming me up already... I like to dance with the water the undertow and the waves.
Bobbing at the docks are a handful of weathered fishing boats..
..they still chug out to catch seafood in and around the gulf, as they have for over a century.
This is Monopoli, a seafaring place on the Apulian part of the Adriatic!


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...but I need to fully understand how it works. 😆

step by step... 😉 Or join the Telegram group via the website... 🤙

Okay. Thanks for the input!

Welcome to Appics, have fun! 😁🤙

Thanks! 😉

What a great photo for your furst Appics Pic., I love it and looking forward to many more awesome posts from Appics!

Hi Karen, thank you for that welcome!

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