🤝 Profit from enemies || "When King Hieron spoke to one of his enemies, he accused ...

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... him of having stinking breath. The good king was somewhat dismayed at this, and as soon as he came home, he scolded his wife, "How is this possible, why have you never told me this? The woman, a dear, simple and virtuous person, replied, "Lord, I have assumed that the breath of all men must smell like this. This makes it clear that we are more likely to be informed about mistakes that the whole world smells, sees or otherwise perceives by our enemies than by our friends or relatives. PLUTARCH, AT 46-120 A.D.

„You only get smarter by playing against smarter opponents."
– Fundamentals of Chess 1883

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Great Quote! You made a typo in the photo though... Fundamentals of Chees isn’t a thing. 😝 Hopefully that’s not too much work to fix. Keep the inspirational quotes coming.

...intentional error in the picture for the attention which leads directly to the text and corrects itself hahah 😂😂 thanks 🤝😜

That’s a neat trick. Welcome to Appics!

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