I try to be the best version of myself I possibly can be everyday. I try to expand ...

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... on that each time I wake, exponentially. Attempting to get better each day, in every way humanly possible. Being better than I was the day before.
That starts with taking a few moments each morning to visualize who it is I aim to become and where I want to go. There are days where I am delusionally confident about where I’m headed, where I can take this outlet and platform to.
It ends with reflecting each night about what I did with my day and how it lines up with who I say it is I am and want to become. An internal inventory of how I spent my time, how much I invested into perfecting my craft and a totality of how I feel about my interactions with others. Who did I help? Was I self centered? Were my motives truly genuine?


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confidence is key in life and i am glad you got it