Good day, am @agodaniel32 from Ghana,am here to say thank you for voting on my post on Thursday, I really appreciate it



That animal must be a kaola If I'm not mistaken? Sweet shot by the way, it's amazing. Appics is really making the rounds

Yes a koala. Figured i might as well test it out before i bought any tokens :)

Oh yeah the apx token, so you're buying some?

thinking about it

Can i buy them with Steem?

yes on steem engine

That’s pretty Aussie of you 🇦🇺👌

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G'day mate long time no post I hope you and family are doing well. And yep it worked😀.

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yeah all good here. thanks :)

Beautiful my friend

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thanks csharma

I am happy to seeing you are here again welcome back sir very cute picture.

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yeah kinda like hiding out though. Maybe post again in a few months

Koala. I heard these animals are real assholes.

hahaha yeah probably, never lived with one so wouldn't know for sure

Good to see you back:)

thanks,had to give it a try

Why you flagged me 3 times ?

Considered it to be over rewarded content. Two times, not three. ( had changed the percentage of the first vote)

I didn't choose to be that rewarded or I didn't pay for that. Why you don't look at the work I do to promote steem ? Why you don't reward that so ?

We all choose individually where we feel the set supply of daily rewards should go by upvotes and downvotes. both are important.

merry xmas clixmoney

I hope you will take a look at the work I do to promote steem anyway, without upvoting it. I just want you to know about what I'm doing, nothing else.

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