Cosmic Art with Appics 🖼😊 🖤 & 💛 GALAXY... I just love this Image, of Black ...

in #appics2 years ago

... and Gold in Space....
Two Beautiful colors that ✨ Shine and Blend... Artistically well together, making my Artwork come alive with... Live‼️
If you look 👀 deeply inside... you will see faces!?
I promise you 🤓

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ceo of caleidoscope filter

Thanks 😊 for the support

Nice shot

Thank You 😊

Beautiful art works

Thanks for the Support 😊

Looks like fire to me!!!

Haha Thanks 😊

This is really nice!

Thank you very much 😊

Very Beautiful 🥰

woww... thats a beautiful art 😍

Thanks... I must make some new art soon

are these all fractal arts? i recently read that looking to fractals are calming like the nature because of the repeating patterns we can see in many plants🌿... and it works ..😊

No this is Kaleidoscope Art 🖼 and yes you are right it is very relaxing and peaceful when you look into the Patterns 🤓

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