Do you know it is safe and best to make your own dish this time around to prevent ...

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... more covid19? Yes. I learnt some few people still hang out for dinner and more. I believe personally that you can unlock your own cooking talent as well. Bringing more creativity into your cooking manner. This can be done with respect to the rules on ground. #Stayhome 🤲🤲🤲🤲....#StaySafe👏👏....#StayHealthy 💪💪💪.

This is a Locally made Green-Spicy Fish Pepper Soup Delicacy Special diet Onboard with very peppering Indomitable Fried Plantain Mix..


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Look great! I wish I could be a food judge

Lol 😀. Hahaha. Thanks

Cheffing it up I see... keep the eats good

Thanks so much for your comment 😊