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Positivity spawns the greatest people.


It is true, the positive attracts the positive.
Greetings and a hug for you!!! :D

Allie's Little Avenue (2).jpg

Cheers 🥂


Cheers baby!!!!

Thank you for comment :D Regards!!!!

Wow, I am jealous! It's soon cold here, where I live. :(

Anyway, I'm just here to say it's a nice pic (would be a bit nicer, if you didn't use single--use plastic though) ..

cheers! :)

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Hey, thank you for your comment!!!
I am Jealous because I want cold hahaha. You that's right, is a bad decision use plastic, but I can tell you the Caipirinha was so delicious hahaha.
Not really, is so important to do a responsable tourism

Regards and a big hug from Venezuela :D