I'm so sorry I didn't know all about these, I might've been playing innocent from this online war but yes just believe in our leaders from appics and we will soon get out of Tron's shadows. Just wait for further announcement and it's gonna be a good news.

You seem to have a nice character flow and good manners. Nice to meet you :))

Thank you! :) I hold no grudges. I just haven't thought it would turn out that bad reading the comments after a few minutes. Was just shocked I was downvoted by peepz who have SP way beyond the senior ambassadors here on APPICS hahaha. Funny thought though. Thanks for dropping by my post. My situation is like not really gotten myself successful on Steemit becuase i was stuck with a community that never really took care of the members' growth. And this time being with appics, i was given a chance to prove my worth and indeed i became so idealistic continuing with the platform. I have also joined Hive but then i was having second thoughts that i might still get stuck with the same old people when i was on steemit. Hahaha sorry telling you my story on this post which is your photo that happens to be still looking good.

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