“We accept Digital Currency” Spotted in Vienna. How cool is that!? A1 🇦🇹 ...

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... Telekom Austria (A1) is a major Austrian fixed and mobile network operator. Austria's first GSM mobile phone network began testing in 1992 and commercial operations began in 1994, under the name Mobilkom Austria. After the merger with Telekom Austria in July 2010 it operates under the new name of A1 Telekom Austria.”

Simply amazing!



I call myself officially “FUTURIST” as of Today


I believe that 2020 will be an intense time of reconstruction and massive changes.


Source: Wikipedia


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? Unglaublich!

Das habe ich mir auch gedacht! Irre !!!!

Wir beginnen mit A1. Ist das eine gute Nachricht?

Hahhaa not so sure @sco but I still think it’s super drupa cool because I don’t have a lot of Euros at my bank account anymore 😋😂

Haha check this out

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Crazy shit. Ausgerechnet A1?^^


Irre! Gell?!

Maybe I am right what I believe in for the future

I call myself “Futurist” as of TOday! 😂 @greencross

Awesome! As more and more established companies accept digital currencies, opportunities for growth increases. Perhaps more importantly, a normalcy around digital currencies begins to be established. That will be the long term aspect most critical to real disruption.

I am very surprised that such conservative company starts .....I am super slow in replying since @partiko app doesn’t work well anymore. Any other suggestions?

The future is here. 😊 Mass adoption is happening, just more slowly than most of us realized.

How cool is that it's unavoidable and we will see more of this happening 😊

Hello dear @mammasitta.

In Venezuela, despite the underdevelopment and all the economic chaos we are experiencing, more and more companies are adding to the charging of goods and services with crypto.
These are proof of the invitable: Crypto is the present and the future.

Happy 2020!
Your friend, Juan.

..hey, back in business?!..hoffentlich alles schön...ya, crypto is da!..lieferando und Domino s akzeptieren auch schon..jetzt bräuchte man nur noch crypto..

Wow! Echt? Das wusste ich gar nicht! Ich habe wieder Hoffnung und sammle weiter wie ein Hamster. Little by little more and more digital currencies. I am closing bank accounts as well, especially in USA where I used to live and built up damn ficascore credit! Tired of being tired of banks and their fees

..me too!..crypto, gold and jewels!...vllt noch bissi kunst.. und wer weiß, vllt irgendwann Trinkwasser und Schnaps....

Vor allem Schnaps und Wasser 💦 🙃

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..ya, das geht immer..muss auch mal Prioritäten setzen...

Mega, das macht A1 wieder sympathischer :)

Hahhaa! Ja! Das finde ich auch

Wow, das mal ne Nachricht. Würde mich sehr freuen das von der Magenta TELEKOM zu sehen.....

That is so cool to see lets hope we see more like this

Yes! It just started ....Austria is way ahead I think

Yes indeed and it will spread am confident of that

wow cryptos going mainstream finally :)