Fasting. This means not only renouncing food and relieving the intestinal tract, ...

in #appics3 years ago

... but also cleansing the body, mind and soul.

I have now decided to fast because there will probably not be any time in life that is so decelerated.

My plan: 2 days of relief, 8 days fasting and 3 days of building up.

Today is my first fasting day.

By the way, I got a lot of information on youtube and met a very special woman. You can find her under 'Lana Prinzip' but unfortunately only in German. Nevertheless, it is important to inform yourself sufficiently in advance and not to start blindly, because there are some things to consider for this reboot.

But everything is possible.

By the way, in everyday life I also fast according to the 16/8 method. Also known as imitating fasting. Most of the time it looks more like 20/4 to me.

Do you have experience with fasting? Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger?


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