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... I wanted to explain so much more. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you might want to read the last two articles.
Acid - base balance
From a medical point of view, hyperacidity in the body cannot be measured, the body is constantly trying to supply the blood with pH-neutral substances. Because trillions of cells, which are supplied by the blood, need the functioning blood.
The acute acedosis, which is followed by heart attack and stroke, is fatal.
So in order to fulfil its functions, to flow and circulate, the blood must be alkaline or neutral.
If we do not add enough base salts to the body, our body compensates automatically and independently from mineral depots such as bones (bone metabolism), scalp (hair loss), connective tissue (cellulite).
The body tries to eliminate the acids from most of them. For example through the skin through sweating, pimples, acne, neurodermatitis. The acids cannot be measured medically in the blood, because the person concerned has excreted or scraped them out. So these reactions of the body are symptoms of hyperacidity.
But we suppress them with cream, antibiotics etc. The body is in a backwater and must try to store the acids temporarily. This often leads to deposits in tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia.
When these buffers are full, the body continues to store in tissue and nerves. This leads to inflammation or even hyperacidity.
Today our diet is low in minerals and our body is constantly busy balancing acids. This is also the cause of osteoporosis, because the body uses its own mineral robbery of the bones and thus withdraws calcium to compensate for acids.
In the western countries we have so many avoidable diseases of civilization that we have due to our lifestyle. It is important to understand these connections, because they are essential for health.
The body, by the way, helps itself to the individual parts of the body out of necessity, because it wants to return the loan with the next food. But it cannot do this if we do not eat basic food. Capito?
💭Eat your greens💚

What can you do? Very much as I already wrote in part 2.

Every day I also drink barley grass (iron as a basic salt) and turmeric (anti-inflammatory). I also love concentrated green tea (Matcha).

I hope I was able to compile some information for you.💚


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Learned a lot when I read it. Thought it was just an avocado shake though. Thanks for sharing. I "might" go ahead and do the same. Hehehe. The ulterior purpose of this challenge is to see what others are also doing. Thank you!

you're welcome🙏💚

Read this and It was eye opening! Never knew there was anything like hyperacidity let alone that it could cause pimples. This is interesting. I'd watch closely what I eat now. Thanks Barrister-Nutritionist. Lol

It cannot be a coincidence that especially in essential countries for e.g USA, Europe people are getting fatter and sicker. Cancer, heart attacks and high blood pressure have become normal. Of course there is the right pill for everything because the pharmaceutical industry wants to earn money.

But it is our own lifestyle that makes us ill and this must be understood!💚🙏thank you for your feedback

Yea, pharmaceuticals, they are just in for the money.

Crisp and informative..keep sharing:)

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