Let me introduce you. My new favorite vegan pizza.💚 I'd be happy to type up the ...

in #appics4 years ago

... recipe for you...
Simplified, it is a pizza - spelt yeast dough with lentil-whirl-tomato sauce and so incredibly good that I really want to eat it weekly. The sun is shining and I started my legal clerkship⚖️ today. All in all, a perfect sunny day☀️🙏


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Looks like a real great and tasty cruelty-free treat for real food lovers - so yummy

Know i'm hungry, thank you! 😁😜

der urokrate ist hungrig, oder wie hieß das immer?😂 für dich ist immer n Stück übrig☀️👌

Hahaha der ukro hat hunger 😂😂 Sieht echt lecker aus, das wär wert die Kilometer.. 😁😜🙌

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