"Beautiful Autumn Greeting" Meets #Colorchallenge On Appics. In the meantime autumn ...

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... has full arrived here. Sunday the temperature had been nearly zero degrees and yesterday has been filled with a lot of wind mixed with rain together. Today I had luck and took a sunny phase for a lunch time. On my way I found that nice autumn decoration and I am glad that it matches well with #tuesdayorange.


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Mach mal langsam, jetzt kommt doch erstmal der goldene Oktober ☀️ 😎

Sag das mal bitte dem Wetter aber am Wochenenede soll es ja wieder wärmer werden.


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Thanks :-)

Full fresh ,colourful and healthy

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Thank you :-)

Great garden decoration 😊

Thank you :-)

Healthy and colorful shot. Love all the item.

Thank you :-)

Awesome the best time of the year is around :D