Awesome Gnocchis With Tuna And Vegetables Dinner @pastapresti. STEEM and SBD accepted @pastapresti.

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Lecker 🤤

.. pastapresti thank you for case anybody is around here, I have more of them, could cook it again, whenever you want..come to pastapresti in Berlin and get your plate of fresh pasta, would be a pleasure to cook for you! know what?!..steemians get the first pasta for free, the next dishes you can pay with crypto, most preferred steem of course! joke!..let steem conquer the offline-world!..enjoykarma (me) is curious who and if any steemian will come to pastapresti, since 15years in Friedrichshain, Berlin...

Yeah have your heard steemians : STEEM and SBD accepted @pastapresti.
Thank you dear @enjoykarma.


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Wow, now that looks delicious.

Thank you @sunscape :-)

And I am looking at this picture and post on an empty stomach! Good photo but damn I need to get some food in my stomach. LOL Thanks @lichtblick

Glad that you like it and hope that you will eat well too :-)

Wow. look really delicious. I think I wsnt to eat.

Much appreciated. Thank you. joke!!..thank you Lichtblick..

I want it...right now 😋😋😋

Hehe. Thank you :-)

It is very tasteful food....

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No idea what it is. A kind of pasta? I wish you a happy Monday. 💕

Nocken aus Kartoffelteig gemacht ;-) Schöne Woche wünsche ich.

Das kenne ich nicht aber schmeckt bestimmtgut. Danke 💕

looking delicious

Thanks :-)

simply great to enjoy that out looks so nice and tasty