Unusual Bike Art - Berlin

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Nice shot. Still wondering how this art is

Ich glaube diese schon mal in Friedrichshain gesehen zu haben. Ist schon lange her. Schön ist es allemal.

Gutes Gedächtnis :-) Danke dir.

For the first time a bycycle has rapped with yarn/ribbon. Balloons or pot are randomly used for the make its shape by yarn. Beautiful creation and exceptional art work!

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Very unusual but very unique in its own nice shot : )

or a friendly prank? 😆

Haha. No, the bicycle has been hanging there for years and does not even fall victim to the German Ordnungsamt. Such a thing is only in Berlin possible in Stuttgart that would be taken down ;-)

Cool. Everyone expresses himself as he can.

Wow beautiful...thanks for share .

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oh! nice bike art. excellent photography

Warum nicht?! Kunst halt🙈

That sure is unusual art.
This one if first for me, so thanks for sharing @lichtblick

That's a really cool way of showcasing a bike. Art is everywhere 😍