🥟Potato dumplings🥟 Last weekend I really made a lot of dumplings with the mashed ...

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... potato filling😋
This collage shows the work process.
All you need is pasta dough, a filling - usually I take potatoes but also you can take cottage cheese, sauerkraut or even a fruity filling of sour or sweet cherry🍒
But the main ingredient is enough of patience, because it can take you quite a long time to make this dish.
But it's worth it, the result is very delish! 🍽️


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Mmmh looks Delicious 😋

Thank you!I love this dish so much and always eat too much of it😁

It looks delicious.😻😻😻

Yes,it's so tasty!😋I have to make new ones,because I have eaten my supplies🤣

Oh Boy: This looks good but as you rightly stated already, it also looks like a massive undertaking to get this dish done. What sauce goes with it? BTW: you can share the recipe?

Thank you! Here the recipe:For the dough take 500gr.wheat flour,200ml cold water,1egg,1tea spoon if salt.For the mashed potato fill take 450gr.potato,1-2middle onions,salt to taste.It's the best to first make the filling.So cook the potatos,mash them, add the fried onions,mix all togheter.To make the dough add the cold water,the egg and the salt to the flour and kneat by hand a smooth dough.Kneating by hand is the very best method to get your douh smooth!😊Than let your dough rsst for about 30 minutes.After it divide the dough ball into 4 segments.Working with the first segment take care of the remained 3 and cover them with plastic wrap to keep them moist.👍After resting take one segment and roll out a ca.25cm long rope with ca.25mm in diameter. Divide the rope into little segments,I usualy have about 12-14 from 1 rope!😊Flatten each one little segment into a circle but not to thin.The dough could tear while cooking if it's too thin.Fill now the circles with youf filling,use not too much.Now you can close youf dumplings by folding the edges towards each other and pinching them together.Repeat the steps with the remained 3 segments👍 Cook the amount of dumplings you want to eat in a big pot with abundant water for at least 10-12 minutes.Add a piace of butter and some sour cream .Enjoy your meal.😀Store the rest of your dumplings in your freezer.

Thanks soooo much! Soon I’ll gonna try this one! Don’t worry about the typos; I also realise a phone is not the best device for longer form posts or comments. When you also use eg steemit.com or steempeak, you can update a comment using the edit function in these user interfaces. You can even create a comment from those interface using your laptop, having a better keyboard. Voting from those interfaces I was told not to do, since the APX votes will not come through, just the Steem vote (though nobody gave me a clear answer on that). When creating or updating comments through these other interfaces instead of the mobile APPICS app, have a little patience with the update in de APPICS app, can take a minute or so. You also need to refresh the page in APPICS app for the new or updated comment to be synced and shown.

Aww,thank you so much for the hint to better handle with longer comments!!

You’re welcome 🙃

Sorry for the typos,it's pretty hard to write a comment here😂

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