🌿The nature and I🍃 It's a joy to take a walk into nature when it gets warmer ...

in #appics2 years ago

... slowly .☀️ Don't like the cold at all!

As you can see I also like to make shots next to different trees. I have quite a lot of such shots

Well, I think this one had turned out well on the whole, but...
Trying to get a perfect shot:
Am I too serious or do I set high standarts to myself? 🤔


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These days the morning and evening are cold and the afternoon is hot, so I don't know how to dress.😹
And I did upvote this posting at steemit.com because of the "Server is not available" problem in the Appics app.😺😺😺

I exactly have the same problems!🤣It's really hard to dress and also to vote.But I love APPICS so much🔥 so I take every free minute to try to vote and to comment!😁

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