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Welcome all to this another music tutorial in which I tell about how to
learn effectivly the note names, how to find them in the staff line system and I give you 5 hints to better handle with this subject.

In this first Part of the video I explain the notes and their names only for the right hand, so for 🎼the treble or G-clef🎼

All important Details from this video to the point:

<We have 5 staff lines and 4 space areas between these lines. All line/space area positions are filled with music notes. >

<The main seven white keys
C D E F G A H repeat 8 times in the same order all over the white keys of the piano.
You start the repeating with an C and you end it with an H and so on! >

<The area from C 4 up to C 5 is in the middle of the piano.✨ I will referring to this fact the whole video.✨
C 4 is a start point to the G-clef (treble clef)>

<The C 4's place is on the first auxiliary line>
<D 4 is under the 1.line>
<E 4 is on the 1.line>
<F 4 is between the lines 1.and 2.>
<G 4 is on the 2.line>
<A 4 is between the lines 2.and 3.>
<H 4 is on the 3.line>
<C 5 is between the lines 3.and 4.>

<Pay attention to the H - note. In the Anglo-American language area one says B but not H. The germans say H! >

<Also it's important to know, that the germans sign the C4 - C5 areas as c1 - c2>
It's a little bit tricky, I know! >

And now my hints:

Learn first line notes, then the space area notes.
You also can first memorize the space notes. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, draw each note (C, E, G, H) on the right line and practise! Take the same action with the other 4 (D, F, A, C5)

Make record cards!
Label the one side of it with the note signon the line or in the space and draw the note name on the other. Practise!

Connect the drawn note with the correct key on the piano.
✅Check first the correct C to C area! A

✅Check the correct Position in the staff line

✅Check the correct key

✔️Play! ✔️

Recite and memorize the C D E F G A H (B) like an Alphabet!

Notice and memorize the G 4!
It will help you to better manage the note names ABOVE it's Position.
You have no longer to count the whole notes from the bottom to top and you save your time and your nerves!

In case of any problems you have learning and memorizeng this theory:✨Be patient and don't give up to fast! ✨ It can take you longer to understand this topic.
Remember that you only can grow by practising regulary☀️🔥


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Dankeschön ich habe viel gelernt heute... ich liebe Musik 🎶 😊

Es freut mich sehr,dass Dir mein Tutorial gefallen hat,danke für die schönen Worte!💖💐☀️ Ich liebe es,mein Wissen zu teilen😃

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