🌸💮🌸Cherry blossoms 🌸💮🌸 I love nature Photos so much. So I took my camera and ...

in #appics2 years ago

... found this beautiful cherry blossom tree near the allotments.
As you can see the tree top is still blooming💮 but the lower part already formed leaves🌿


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I like cherry blossoms. If you look at my 5th photo, you can see the cherry blossom festival in my city.😺😺😺

I found it,so beautiful!Cherry blossom are amazing could rest my eyes on them for hours!💮

Hello my friend, I love nature, cats and piano music too 😸 unfortunately I can only play moonlight sonata and that's only because my sister had the energy to teach it for me. I can't read notes though 😆

I have the idea to make a tutorial about how to read the notes!😀😸

Awesome I just enrolled to this tutorial 😅

Amazing!😻So I've made my tutorial part 1 about the G4-G5 oktave in the G-clef!Hope,you like it and also I hope it will help you to better handle with this topic!💖💖💖

My favourite flower 🌷

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