🔸Pizzicato🔸 from the ballett "Silvia" Dear APPICS friends! Today I wanted to ...

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... share with you this very classical music piece called "Pizzicato" from Leo Delibes ballett "Silvia" which has been composed in 1876.
"Pizzicato" comes during the third act and very typical for it is the tip-toeing.
So as the result this music piece - among other things - was taken for an episode of "The Muppet Show" 😁

Enjoy! 🎶
The catchy tune is guaranted! 😁


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One day practiced it but later i felt like difficult to remember the tunes and keys .you are so great you had good rememberence power

Thank you so much,friends, for your Support and your warm words! ☺️☺️☺️

Very playful and enjoyable 😃

Thank you so much,very glad you like my play!!💐🌹


Thank you all so much for the support,appreciate it so much!💐💖🌹

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