Last day of summer, mandatory walk in the park. Not really nostalgic, though . Not ...

in appics •  17 days ago 

... such a great summer. Just average. Maybe autumn is better after all.
The picture fits with my mood, as I feel like floating...
Have a great autumn anyway!


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Aici mai avem vreo saptamana de canicula, dar trece si asta...

Difficult to know what's your mood with this nice and also original pic, but yes, despite the changes I think we are on our way to better times here (even if HF21 didn't meet our expectatives LOL)

Hey sweets!! Just checking in on you as I haven't seen you in awhile. When I check your blog it's been 14 days!?!? Hope you are just on sabbatical or something similar.

Hey, that's so nice of you! Everything fine, I just don't have the motivation needed to post, but I'm around, checking in every day!
Have a nice weekend!

Glad to hear everything's okay! We all need time off now and again. Take care of yourself and the fam and we'll see you when we see you!! You have a great weekend as well.