The Old Dog Announces: The Hang in There Contest!.

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Sure we’re going through tough times but let’s hang in there. Let’s stick together, keep fighting and get through this!

This is the Hang in There Contest!

Take a picture that symbolizes hanging in there. I found this tree on my hike in the mountains but since you can’t all get outside use your imagination.


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What Symbolizes Hanging in There to You?

Here Are The Rules:

● Show me a photo that gives the idea of hanging in there!

● Post your photos in the comment section.

● The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.

● Maximum of 2 entries per person

● If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well

● There will be at least 5 prizes of 2 Steem each!

● The contest closes when the post pays out.

If you like contests and would like to see more of them here on the Steem Blockchain please consider upvoting my posts. Contests help our community so spread the word!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Let’s Succeed Together!


A tree branch hanging on in Granchester, Cambridgeshire today ☀️


Cool! Thanks!

My entry


Looks good!

Awesome contest, falling asleep but will try to enter Saturday!!

I will participate with pleasure, I am very glad that you have restarted these contests that stimulate our imagination.

Look forward to our entry!

Great Photo 👍

I hope that you enter!

Thanks I will try 😊


a snail, hanging from the mushroom tree!
this macro I took last summer.

Hmm... let me come with something from 2 old posts.

1. A dew drop


2. Sculpture of a baby seemingly hanging in the air.


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