🌎//On top of the world\\ 🌎 On top of the world this weekend. It was so fun e ...

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... xploring.

We explored so much. We got to do a vip tour of restricted access places in the mountains. From 1400ft below ground tunnels, also the place where captain marvel was filmed, too restricted road access to waterfalls and caves.

This shot is 360 of the top of the mountain where the elevator brought us to. We can see alot of the lake of up top.

We got to play in the snow and see waterfalls and end the day with a shot and beer at the local backwoods bar.

Hope you had an awesome weekend.
Have alot of photos and videos to go through and will share here as I edit them and stuff.

Have a wonderful one! ✌😊
S҉T҉A҉Y҉ I҉N҉S҉P҉I҉R҉A҉T҉I҉O҉N҉A҉L҉

"When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world."

Be well


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Such cool editing its Out Of This World!, I tried this before in Tool wiz photos, lots of fun! Must have been a fantastic Weekend, thanks for sharing!

Awesome thanks Karen. Yes this was an epic weekend for sure. I use a 360 camera to get these kinda shots. And edit with mutliple different apps to taste. Thanks for stopping by freind.

Aha, ok cool, I like your taste and you are very welcome 😀

Wow, so cool bro... Love it.

Hey thanx bro..

I like your style, I will enjoy following you !! Greetings

Awesome thanks man.👊

Great shot 🔥📸

Hey thanks bro I appreciate it. Got a whole series of these coming. Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful day bro ... Much respect.

Nice shot 💪🏽

Hey thanks bro. I appreciate your comment. Got a few of these in series I'll post. Lets have fun. Mad respect bro.

That’s an awesome view at the top of the mountain, love how you edit it over the sky picture as well.

Kool thanx bro I appreciate it. Have an awesome weekend.