can’t wait to see my students again ! soon the normal life continues but it will ...

in #appics3 years ago

... be still different ! stay motivated


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aus Berlin🤘🏻👏🏻

Woot Woot! Now thats how its done BOOM!!


Spinning it

Getting dizzy while watching 🤣

Crazy!! 🤯💥💥

Yeyyy thx ! Just felt that energy in the moment

Amazing stuff 🤠👍🏻

Thanks ! Trying to stay focus

Congrats bro ! How many hours for the result !

You mean to learn that trick ? Better not to put it in hours .. it’s more like months ...

Nice munch mill 😎👌

Man you Know what’s up ! Thx !!

I got dizzy with this one

Hehe it’s all good

Amazing stunts

Hey Eddie thx !!

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