Because of the coronavirus and fear of it, Australia currently has a shortage of ...

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... tissue boxes and toilet paper. You can't find it in any supermarket and is backordered for 3 weeks.

How does one wipe their own ass now? #1stWorldProblems


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This sort of mass hysteria has been affecting comunities all over the world. Whan the first case of the Covid-2019 has been confirmed roughly a week ago in Romania people started buying products like sunflower oil, flower and canned goods like crazy. There have been temporary shortages of these goods but luckely supermarkets have been able to keep up with demand. Some time later, 6 cases confirmed and people are starting to realize they might have overreacted. They tried to return the goods but no luck for them (obviously). At least they will have a story to tell their grandchildren when they ask why do they have all those food cans lying around 😂

This is why I don't watch tv and specifically the news on tv as they sensationalise everything

Right this is sheep fear.

So bad news bro 🤦‍♀

Yum... metal shelfs are tasty

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