an other portrait, what do you see in her face? I did this one with Aquarelle paint ...

in #appics4 months ago

... and inkpen. Since this Corona-Quarantine is going on I guess we all have plenty of time for ourselfs, so I decided to dedicate this time to develop my drawing skill further. I started to experiment more with Aquarelle paint (as you can see) and also focus on details that I dont necessarily liked to draw, like hair and faces. And here we go... So far it went pretty good, and as you can see I really started to enjoy drawing hair since, and it became a very present subject in most of my drawings..
So I think this is not an easy time for most of us, but still we can see the positive in it i belive, and appreciate all this time we suddenly have to dedicate to ourselves. Stay positive😘


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Awesome design 👍

Thank you 🌸🖤

Very beautiful 😊😊

Thank you Katerina😽

I like your art, my fella! :)
Great to be connected!

Thanks bro🤗👍

are you new to the steem chain?
and crypto at all?
i guess not :)
you're a veteran in consciousness! :P

no I am actually new:)) to crypto and appics

Is that what I think it is, on her vace? V*****? Awesome work though!

yes it is😄 mixed with an halfe orange.. thank you!!😊

Hahahah! I should look at this contents with one eye closed! Before mum catches me... Ahahahah!

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